Technical secondary education: about time

I found this piece in today's Times a welcome policy of the part of New York city to set a clear goal towards getting every high school graduate a computer science education. I am hoping that given the 10 year timeline, this initiative survives the current CS fever that has been fueled by this technology cycle and that we keep at this long after it stops being cool.

We teach math and science well beyond what most people who are not scientists use in most folks's working lives so adding a bit of CS in a world increasingly facilitated by software will arguably be more useful.

The other thing the article points out worth noting is the bottleneck in getting teachers ready to teach the subject. This is no small feat, especially in the highly political (and unionized) environment around public school teachers. Hopefully creative incentive structures, technology, and social pressure will be enough to accelerate the spread of pedagogical knowledge. Because after all, 10 years does feel like a long time.