Publishing to the Ether

This weekend I read a fantastic piece on why Twitter needs to relax the silly 140 character constraint and agreed with every part of it. Reading a long interspersed conversation (or publishing event) on Twitter is incredibly frustrating and the power of it as platform is that it has supplanted RSS as a quasi-mass market way to get distribution on posts.

How amazing would it be if Twitter went from short status update network to full on content publishing network a la say... Medium for people who had more to say than would fit in 140 characters? As I was pondering this, I saw this tweet which basically makes the argument for the platforms that drive traffic and give writers audiences virtually overnight, either algorithmically or through human curation. Whereas a decade ago, one had to gather audience an RSS subscribe click at a time (or an email at a time), the game is now all about getting natural distribution by picking the right platform— or leveraging Twitter, the only way to use a social network to avoid publishing to the deep dark void that is the Internet where no one reads your being insightful.

If Twitter were to do this I could for instance have published this there rather than having to link it in— or worse still go totally green screen retro and screen snap a raster image of the text like all of the cool kids do.