Programability and the Casual Coder

One notion I love to think through is that of the Casual Coder, or the person who in the course of using Excel or doing data analysis or trying to wire up an IoT device ends up programming without realizing it. It feels like the very best on-ramp to the complex world of everything connected to everything that we are heading into.

Or put another way, the complexity of the world is rising faster than our ability to cope with it through a series of chiclets on the home screen/springboard of our smartphones and we'll either have find it in ourselves to program the world to our own ends or end up being programmed by the stacks looking to trade our eyeballs and personal information to advertisers for some short term convenience, all the while becoming monkeys shipping and tapping our glass surfaces in the name of useful.

This strikes me as a good theme to explore over the next few days while we close out another summer.