Mobile feels like eveything that matters, right?

My favorite mobile analyst does a good job of putting data to a sentiment I've heard expressed a lot lately: that there is no Internet vs. mobile Internet but rather that the mobile Internet has become The Internet for all intents and purposes.

I think this has now become non controversial enough to the point where there may be dividends in questioning it. And while I would never argue that from an access device perspective or from a total number of cumulative hours spent on the Internet, the statement is absolutely correct. However the data that I haven't seen yet is whether productive work is getting done on mobile first interfaces. That term is slippery and I am sure for every document-centric usecase I come up with there is an equivalent one with a third world farmer trading beans with mobile banking and price transparency but I do wonder why there is still so much getting done on PCs (desktops and laptops) even when the "apps" are really web applications that have encapsulated a prior document usecase.

I am sure eventually everything will go mobile only but I do wonder how much time there will be and what kind of input peripheral innovation (outside of voice) we still have to see before getting there.