Long live bots, down with all of these bots!

In a harbinger of what is coming, Twitter has a problem with bots. Technical, business and social reasons are keeping the service from stamping them out and meanwhile people are being fooled by programs meant to ape the narrowest of human behavior online. And in fact as the default mobile native interaction model shifts to a messaging like interface, it's quite likely that bots will mediate more and more of our interactions online.

There will be many that will try to serve useful purposes like the AI powered personal assistants at X.ai. And for a while, these bots will serve their owners by sometimes taxing the poor humans on the other side who are expecting something a standard deviation to the right of the Turing line when it comes to intelligence. But then these suckered humans will get their own bots as well— after all, who wants to waste time talking to a computer? And eventually it will be just bots talking to bots, negotiating on behalf of human in seemingly simple but ultimately complex and fractal exchanges.

Need a job? Use your bot to apply (it will talk to a job posting bot). Need a quote from a contractor for your business? Let your bot talk to the supplier's bot, slowly disclosing details and willingness to pay/provide the service over a series of interactions. And while this will seem like an artificial waste of resources at first, it is likely to be the ever decreasing percentage of humans in the middle, sometimes fooled, sometimes knowingly participating that will keep the system going under the pretense that some human somewhere is actually participating instead of simply configuring a bot and setting it free. And even that may eventually fall to a bot which will do its own bot spawning across the Internet towards its own ends.

Bots FTW! (Just make sure you are ahead of the pack enlisting your own).