In 2015 great products can no longer be sold without decent web services included

The new iPhones are out and they are as good as the early reviews indicate. Or I have to hope they are because I am sitting here wading through hours of CPR and other life saving measures to iTunes and my local iPhone backups before I can try the new phone.


Because Apple is so bad at web services that the only way to transfer all of the activity/health data from the old phone to the new phone is to go through iTunes, and more specifically through a backup process that was designed 8 years ago and updated with patchy hacky shit along the way. It was a great blast from the past to open the app after four years and have a back in time moment to what I was listening to and watching in 2011 but at this point, and as part of the most premium smartphone out there, this is just embarrassing.

And before anyone thinks it: it's not about the privacy and security of your health data (this can easily be solved with encryption). It's about lazy product management and shipping stuff too quickly. And though iCloud backups are an option, the backup/restore process there is so slow that I'm convinced no one really uses these for anything other than believing their stuff is protected.

In previous years, the lack of web services at the core of the product experience was okay for two reasons: most people would switch whatever they could to independent services (Spotify for music or Dropbox for file sync) and many more things were presumed to need to PC for setup. But it is 2015 and I expect that this is going to come bite Apple sooner rather than later if they can't fix it. Maybe it's time to spend some of that hard earned cash on the balance sheet of acquiring some of this DNA rather than moonshots that are going to reinvent the automobile industry.